Karl - Obituary

My dad.
Karl died on September 19, 2011 at Middlesex Hospital in Connecticut. Arriving in Manhattan on the cusp of the '60s, he became art director of Dance Perspectives (1959), worked with Sol Hurok, NYCB, among many others, and was art director of Show Magazine (1965). His original, widely emulated graphic style became award winning as an editor and art director of Theatre 1 through 5 (New York: International Theatre Institute, 1968-73). He edited and designed Martha Graham (New York: Theatre Arts,1961), Kabuki (New York: Program Publishing, 1969), was co-founder and art director of Stagebill magazine and authored Tragical Comedy of Punch and Judy (New York: Theatre Arts Books, 1983) and Story of the Nutcracker (New York: Theatre Arts, 1983).  
...  He is survived by three sons, six grandchildren and former wife, choreographer and dancer, Loi.


My baby dad as a mountain climber, Mt. Hood.

1953 (Korean Conflict) cartooning whilst convalescing in Hawaii.

"Prague Spring" and August 2011
Urs Fischer, ses sculptures, à la Chapelle des Petits Augustins, aux Beaux-arts de Paris, l'école nationale supérieure, Octobre 2012

September 2011, BAM

Lamentably, his creative career abruptly ended at mid-life and his lonesome death coincides, with uncanny congruence, with this revival of Atys twenty-five years after its first modern performance [the span of the second baroqueux movement, a brilliant time of inspired genius and individuality despite all the rest]!

Full of self-pity, confused and frequently ill-used, my father became completely estranged from the world of the arts, aimless, and ashamed of what seemed to him a personal failure.

His death promptly pursued the demise of a former spouse whom had remained his last essential, tragic narrative. 

This theme became the marrow of the overwhelmed man: simply an other of the Other.

Alas, there aren't either, afterall!

Cybèle, & Le Chœur Des Divinitez Des Bois, & Des Eaux [d'Atys].
«Que le malheur d'Atys afflige tout le monde.»

«Que tout sente, icy bas,
L'horreur d'un si cruel trépas.»

-Marche & l'étendard du régiment de Soissonnais